In East Africa today, there is a big gap between the rural and urban populations in as far as Christian services for salvation of mankind are concerned. While the urban population is being served by a plethora of modern churches, pastors, preachers, prophets, bishops and all kinds of servants of God who appeal to the soul for salvation, the rural areas are still being served by traditional religious leaders who are more concerned with religion than with salvation of mankind according to our search survey after going in some of these villages preaching the gospel now its 8years me and my team work .

In Kampala, for instance, there are many born-again churches with Uganda’s best pastors, prophets, preachers and radio stations whose services hardly reach the far-away rural population. Thousands of urban populations are getting saved annually as they hear the best preachers and witness God’s word through the modern servants. In the villages, however, millions continue to waste away their souls in witchcrafts, all kinds of immorality, idolatry and a belief in religion but not in Jesus Christ, the Saviour. It is our duty as servants of God to reach every mankind with the Good News (Mark 16:15) and draw everybody to Christ, not to religion. We have been steadfast in this appeal and now seek strength to reach everyone in East Africa.

NATURE OF OUR MINISTRY Penetrating Rural Hearts for Salvation (PERUHESA in short) is a three-year outreach Christian service project to be implemented by our Ministry. It is to take the Gospel of Christ to everyone, everywhere in Uganda and East africa, moving from one district to the another district. It is planned to cover many districts.


1.4.1 Long-term ob jectives
i) To draw at least 70% of the rural population to Jesus Christ for salvation.
ii) To transform the
rural community morally and spiritually.
iii) To strengthen and stabilize people’s Christian faith.
iv) To reduce the rate of infections by HIV/AIDS.
v) To make life easier and more tolerable to orphans and widows who lack help.

1.4.2 Short-term objectives
i) To cause 200 people in every village of each district to accept Jesus Christ as their personal saviour.
ii) To promote the formation and growth of evangelical Christian unions in villages.
iii) To create a change in attitudes and behaviour regarding witchcraft, idolatry, hatred, immorality and other sinful ways of living.
iv) To develop fellowship among Christians in the village communities.
v) To encourage Christians in the villages to play active roles in the church, supporting it and drawing others to Jesus Christ.
vi) To produce trained church ministers who will carry on evangelical work within their communities after the life of this project.
vii) To assist orphans and widows who lack help.

PROJECT STRATEGIES Through this ,Ministry hopes to achieve those objectives by:
i) Going out to the villages to preach the Good News by way of crusades, door-to-door preaching, film shows, gospel music, etc.
ii) Educating the people about immorality and its consequences.
iii) Training Christian ministers who will continue with evangelical work after the our mission has closed down its operations in the district.
iv) Publishing reading materials in English and local languages to suit the rural communities and distributing them free of charge.
v) Mobilising village communities and participating with them in church activities. vi) Rewarding those who accept Jesus Christ as their personal saviour with free Bibles.

vii) Publishing reading materials;
viii) Making door-to-door visits to preach the Gospel, pray for the sick, teach, etc;
ix) Training Christian ministers; and x) Publicity of the project using music, brochures, posters, etc. vii) Giving orphans and widows such help as clothes, fees, scholastic materials where possible, mobilising Christians to repair their houses, etc.

1.6 TARGET POPULATION This ministry is targeting the youth, women, men, orphans and widows who lack help and children who are capable of understanding the Word of God. There will not be any discrimination based on one’s religion, sex, political affiliation, tribe or any other sectarian ground. In the villages, the people targeted are in several millions. 1.7 HOW 1.8 JUSTIFICATION This project will bring about spiritual and national benefits to be enjoyed. How?
i) The rural population will enjoy salvation of God.
ii) Transforming people’s lives from the immoral to moral will help reduce crime rates as people adopt a Christian way of life, the rate of HIV/AIDS infections as many people will change their sexual behaviour and this will have an economic impact in the country, etc.
iii) As servants of God, it is our duty to take the Good News to everyone, everywhere (Mark 16:15) and draw all mankind to Jesus Christ our Saviour.
iv) When we achieve the objective of fellowship among Christians, we shall have actually achieved love among them, hence national unity. This is vital for national development and peace, something Uganda has lacked for long.

DONOR: Our ministry is appealing to donors for help. Otherwise, we have been operating through our little offertories, tithes, gifts and other forms of assistance from Christians who appreciate our services.
We pledge our partnership relationship with any donor.


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