Emmanuel Lubuulwa was born in 1975 to  Wilson and Merida Kimonyo (The late) of Namayumba, Mpigi, central Uganda - East Africa.
As a young man, he went through a tough time of agonizing hard-knock experiences. His boyhood was plagued by heartaches and marred by unpleasant experiences. He was orphaned by the brutal murder of his parents which he witnessed when he was 9 years which marked the beginning of his adversity; living hidden in the grass and all manner of oddities.

However, the God of Grace saw him through and brought  him into the knowledge of him, and in 1991, he gave his life to Christ. He recounts his experience when two youngmen on a door-to-door evangelistic mission found him watching his friends praying. He was so touched when for the first time he saw people interested in talking and sharing with him. His heart was moved by these youngmen’s compassion and accepted Christ that very day.

At age 16 he was fully captured for Christ and immediately consecrated himself to preach the gospel for the rest of his life. Lubuulwa is now a full time minister, preacher of the gospel in villages and everywhere. He has started churches as much as he has got the opportunity to do so. The Lord has trained him to be everywhere, with everybody.

Emmanuel’s ministry emphasizes the experience of Christ’s life and the practical oneness of the believers as the Body of Christ. Stressing the importance of attending to both these matters, he led the churches under his care to grow in Christian life and function. He was unbending in his conviction that God's goal is not narrow sectarianism but the Body of Christ. In time, believers began to meet simply as the church in their localities in response to this conviction.

In 2003 Lubuulwa Got married to Grace and God has blessed them with a lovely family.

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